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Deron Williams also voices frustration with Nets offense after road trip

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend it was Joe Johnson who lashed out on his team, saying that they had been playing "very selfish." After the Nets dropped three games following Johnson's outburst, another key player has voiced his opinion with the team, Deron Williams.

Williams told Stefan Bondy that the fact that the Nets are ranked 26th in the league in assists per game is an issue. "I think that's a big problem," Williams said. "This team, this system, the way we want to play, we should have 25 assists, not in the teens. Simple as that. If we're moving the ball, sharing the ball -- if you look at our wins, we've passed the ball relatively well."

As Bondy notes, Williams wasn't as aggressive as Johnson, not using the word "selfish" and was clear that the team needs to be patient and that the ball movement will come with time. He said the Nets need to remain within the system and that goes for everyone on the team. "Sometimes we sub and get guys in there who aren't as effective at running the offense," Williams added.

Lionel Hollins was much more upbeat after the winless three-game road trip, noting that the team was indeed successful at times. "We played well enough in spurts on this road trip," Hollins said. "We just have to get better. It's the early part of the season. We're still trying to learn to be consistent with the defensive schemes, learn to be consistent offense."

The Nets aren't panicking or anything, but rather commenting on the fact that this team is playing below it's level and not playing as a unit. To be fair, it is still early in the season and Kevin Garnett says that it takes time to be a consistent force. "Obviously no excuses, you got to come out and execute," Garnett said. "We're still working, figuring out who we are, getting an identity and coming out and playing."