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In Rookie Rankings, Bojan Bogdanovic as high as second

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

So far, the vaunted 2014 rookie class has been a disappointment. The pundits' main complaint is that they're not ready for PrimeTime with few exceptions, one of whom is Bojan Bogdanovic who ESPN ranks second in the class and who puts at seventh.

David Thorpe who has Dante Exum of Utah at No. 1 writes of the Nets starting shooting guard...

It's no surprise that the 25-year-old, who started for years in the Euroleague and was his nation's best player in the World Cup, is far more ready to play in the NBA than just about all of his rookie counterparts.

Although he's not shooting well yet, he's shooting smart shots and filling his role on the Nets well by not trying to do too much.

Scott Howard-Cooper has Bogie a bit lower but likes what the Nets are doing with him...

He is getting big minutes on a regular basis -- at least 25 in five of the past six outings and 32 each of the last two -- and repaying coach Lionel Hollins on a semi-regular basis. Bogdanovic has pinballed around, from 12 points to nine to eight to 22 while being just as unpredictable from the field. With that large role already, he will have the chance to move up.

As of Saturday, Bogdanovic is second in rookie scoring to overall No. 1 pick, Andrew Wiggins of the Timberwolves. Bogdanovic is averaging 10.4 points a game to Wiggins 11.0.