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The Lopez Brothers feud takes off

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On Saturday, Brook Lopez and his brother Robin will face off in Portland and already there is plenty of what they used to call bulletin board material floating around. We think it's mostly good-natured, but we can't be sure.

Over the weekend, Brook was quoted this way when Steve Serby of the Post asked him about Robin.

The Brooklyn Nets Center responded: "Robin’s an idiot."

Asked if he was trying to get Robin’s attention, Brook told Serby: "Yeah, yeah. … Robin’s a complete moron."

So Robin got his chance to respond last night on Comcast Sports Net.

"I expected a little bit more from him, but I guess that’s the best he can come up with." said Robin, the younger brother then later, he added, a more cutting repartee.

"It’s no surprise that they held him out as long as they did last year," Robin joked after the Blazers beat the  Hornets. "I’m sure people were just sick of traveling and being around him. So, they probably didn’t want him around the team or anything."

But his best line may have been when the Comcast announcer noted that Brook had said his favorite superhero is Batman, noting, "I have to give credit to you, I guess, since you're Robin, he came up with Batman as his favorite superhero growing up."  Robin, arms folded, replied drolly with only the barest hint of a smile, "He's never been very original."