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Teletovic: I can do many more things than just shoot

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Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Mirza Teletovic sat down with Lenn Robbins on Media Day to talk about everything from his five-month old twins to his goals for the season, including proving to fans that he is a lot more than just a three point shooter.

Here's some of what he told Robbins in the interview, posted Tuesday night...

On his confidence:

"Imagine my confidence right now and how ready I am right now to go to play.  I'm excited about this year, I'm very, very excited."

On how his FIBA Europe qualifying tournament experience helped prepare him for the NBA season:

"I was thinking the whole summer as I was playing, I was getting ready for the season. I was working on the things I was supposed to do this year.  I was pushing myself hard. As I said, i am really really exciting starting this season."

On whether he "fits" with Lionel Hollins:

"Definitely. He's a coach who comes with a lot of experience, a coach who knows what he wants from his players, expects a lot. You have to come mentally ready (smiles) and prepared if you want to succeed."

On what he wants to show off this season:

"No one knows I can drive the ball, especially with my physicality under the basket. I can do many more things and I was working on them throughout the whole summer.  I had them before, but I kind of lost them because everbody in the first year and in the second year expected me to stay outside and shoot, but I can do much more things and I am ready to show them."

On what he hopes fans say about him after the season:

"I hope they say, 'He fought. He was really fighting. He got us the win.'"