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Joe Johnson lets it all hang out... and Lionel Hollins says he's not "mad" or "upset" with Brook Lopez

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Alex Goodlett

Interesting day Tuesday at Nets practice.

First, if you were wondering what Joe Johnson meant the other night when he tweeted this...

...Wonder no more. We'll let the beats' tweets tell the tale...

Johnson didn't pinpoint the blame on anyone for what he see's as "selfish" play, but it is clear that the Nets most stable player over the past three years is not happy. "It's just—as individuals, as players, that we all have each other's backs out there," Johnson said. "I just felt, I didn't believe it. I go back, and I watch the tape, and I watch film just to try to get a different perspective, and I mean, my feelings haven't changed."

The Nets offense has been clicking on all cylinders early on in the season, ranking inside the top three in points per possession, and the defense has been average, but Johnson has not been satisfied. "Defensively, we help from time to time," Johnson said. "Offensively, I just think guys kind of exhaust their options and then when there's nothing else for them, then they'll pass it when they have to. For the most part, we've been very selfish."

Johnson hasn't spoken to any individuals about this issue because the team is winning and it is early so he isn't sure that he will need to. This three-game road trip will be key for the Nets. "I don't know," Johnson said. "We'll see what happens. We'll see what happens the next few games, if we can be a better team on the road, because on the road, the coaches and the players is all you have to get you going. We'll see what happens."

Beyond the obvious, clearly laid out, is this: Joe Johnson is not the quiet, behind the scenes voice anymore. He wants a leadership.

And if that wasn't enough drama for the 4-2 Nets, there was this, as Lenn Robbins writes...

Before the first reporter could ask a question, Brooklyn Nets Coach Lionel Hollins said he wanted to make a statement.

He made one loud and clear.

"I was never mad at Brook [Lopez], upset or any other negative term,’’ Hollins said after practice on Tuesday.

I love New York!