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Oh Yeah, He's Back! Deron Williams named Player of the Week!

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams, who critics were saying would never be the same following ankle injuries, was named Player of the Week in the Eastern Conference Monday, the first time he's been so honored as a Net.Stephen Curry was named Player of the Week in the West.

Williams was honored three times as a member of the Jazz prior to his trade to the Nets at the trade deadline in February 2011.

In a tweet, Williams expressed his appreciation...

It's been an interesting month for D-Will.  Just before the season, Williams was quoted as saying he had no pressure on him because he had been "written off.:"

"I don't have much pressure on me," he told Lenn Robbins, matter-of-factly. "Everyone's pretty much written me off.  People say I'm never going to be like I was. I'm on the downhill. So what pressure do i have, you know?

"I expect a lot out of me. I'm excited about this season. If this team is going to be good, they need me to play at a high level and I'm excited about that."

Last week, Williams showed he shouldn't have been "written off." He averaged 20.7 points on 56.9 percent shooting, including 42.9 percent from three-point range; handed out 7.0 assists and grabbed 2.5 rebounds for the week when the Nets recorded three wins in four games. Williams, who shot .500 or better from the field in each of the Nets' games, tallied 29 points on 10-of-15 shooting and added six assists on Wednesday during a 110-99 win over the Knicks.

Two days ago, D-Will said that he had regained both his health and long-lost confidence and that teams were going to have a hard time stopping him.

"This is the NBA, but before my injuries, I didn't feel like anybody could stop me 1-on-1. I just feel like if you put one person on me, it's gonna be hard to stop me, and I'm getting back to that.

"I'm getting that confidence back where I step on the court and I feel like people can't guard me. Like I said, I had some explosive moves where I haven't been able to do that in a long time, and I could tell, even watching film, that I'm a lot quicker out there."

In the weeks prior to the season and even during the season, critics had written that he would never recover his great game. As recently as three weeks ago, one of the most respected writers in the NBA, Zach Lowe, went so far as to say the Nets "should dump him the first chance they get."