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Brook Lopez says he will practice Sunday, hopes to play Monday

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The home opener vs. Oklahoma City will have a little more drama Monday.  The big question in so many ways is whether Brook Lopez will play for the Nets.

He spoke Saturday in Detroit with Nets beat writers, telling them he is pain-free and close to getting back on the court, as Andy Vasquez of The Record reported.

"I feel great," Lopez told writers. "I want to be back out there. I’m going to go through practice [Sunday] and hopefully play Monday."

When asked if he had a setback, Lopez responded, shook his head, laughed and replied sarcastically, according to Vasquez.

"Yeah, we’re just hiding stuff from you guys," Lopez said. "Completely."

Lopez said he’ll go through a pregame workout at the arena, adding there are no limits.

"I can run on it, I can wash it, I can swim with it, all that stuff," Lopez said. "I’m thrilled. I don’t like sitting out, it’s probably my least favorite thing in the world. I want to be back out there with my guys, help them out and be there for my teammates."

Before the game, Lionel Hollins was asked if he was encouraged by Lopez being able to shoot around in Detroit.

"No, its not encouraging. He's not playing so to see him out there means nothing to me right now," he said. "I'm happy he's able to be out there and do stuff and he's not in a cast, but he's not playing."

Meanwhile, two of the writers who heard Hollins say he wasn't "optimistic" about Lopez's return expressed frustration with the changing story on Lopez's availability.

Still, it's a big improvement over Friday's suggestion that Lopez's injury could keep him out indefinitely.