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Brooklyn Nets touch down in Shanghai, get ready for Sacramento Kings

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Irina Pavlova

With Mr. and Mrs. Whammy in tow and a full complement of players, coaches, front office types and the Brooklynnettes, the Nets landed in Shanghai after dark, China time, after flying 14 plus hours across the Pacific.   On hand were a group of Nets fans, including those who run

The Nets have a little time to rest up after the 14 and a half hour flight, not playing the Kings until 1 a.m. Sunday morning ET (1 p.m. in China).

The Nets held a shootaround late Thursday night (Friday morning in China) along with the Kings. Irina Pavlova tweets...

Later, the Nets and Kings participated in a Fan Appreciation Day at the arena where they will play on Sunday morning.

The Nets first non-basketball event will be a breakfast panel co-hosted with the Sacramento Kings on Friday. It will be attended by members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham) to discuss the game of business on and off the court, including similarities in running a business and a basketball organization.  Brett Yormark and Billy King, and Kings President Chris Granger and GM Pete D’Alessandro will participate.

NBA TV will broadcast both games, but coverage is likely to be spotty. YES is not traveling with the team. Nor are any of the team's beat writers. The team will be in Shanghai and Beijing for a week.