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Brooklyn Nets look forward to bonding in China

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Brooklyn Nets

The 14 and a half hour plane trip to Shanghai is grueling but say Nets, there is big positive awaiting them when they arrive, the opportunity to bond as a team.

"That’s what these trips are meant to do," Deron Williams told reporters before the team left on a charter 747 to play the Kings. "You get away from everything for eight days, and you’ve just got the team, coaches and that’s all you’re going to see for the next eight days.

"It gives us a good chance to bond, both on and off the court, play in between, have some practices and just kind of jell."

The Nets were scheduled to arrive Thursday morning New York time (Thursday evening, Shanghai time) and will have a few days rest before playing the Kings on early Sunday morning, New York time. The time difference is 12 hours.

Lionel Hollins said it's all about travel in the NBA and suggested there are worse situations during the season.

"If we were playing exhibition games we’d be in the same boat, we just got a longer flight to make," Hollins said.

"The NBA is a league of distractions, and you’ve just got to be mentally tough enough to deal with it. It’s not just going on that trip, just traveling and getting in at 2 o’clock in the morning, or sitting on a runway when you’re supposed to leave and you can’t leave because something’s wrong and you wind up getting in at four in the morning, you’ve still got to get up and go to practice the next day."