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Post: Guggenheim talks break down, Nets - Dodgers combination off

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Alex Trautwig

The New York Post reports Wednesday that despite last week's meeting in Moscow, talks between the owners of the Nets and Dodgers have "broken down and are unlikely to begin again," according to sources.

Josh Kosman of the Post writes that a variety of issues have led to the development.  Last week, NetsDaily reported on the meeting in Moscow, citing sources "familiar with the discussions" that the talks about a "combination of assets" were "ongoing"  At the time, a deal was not imminent, said sources.  Then later in the week, Mark Walter, chairman of the Dodgers told reporters from USA Today and the Post that he was "hopeful" a deal could get done.

Other media, including the New York Times and Daily News confirmed the report.

But a spokesman for Guggenheim told the Post that things never progressed beyond an initial meeting.

"There has never been a proposal, never been a deal to walk away from. None was presented. None was ever seen. [Dodgers CEO] Mark Walter just told me he was never interested."

Moreover, said the Post, there were other issues. "Guggenheim doesn’t have money," a source close to the situation told the Post "Will a deal ever happen? Probably no."  A Guggenheim spokesman denies money issues have anything to do with its level of interest.

NetsDaily received an email yesterday from a Guggenheim spokesman stating much the same. However, sources tell NetsDaily that things are not so dire, noting that deals like this are often difficult. The Guggenheim entity reportedly involved in the talks, Guggenheim Sports and Entertainment Assets, is different from Guggenheim Baseball Management that owns the Dodgers and that its range of investors could be different from those who have interests in the Dodgers, noted one source.

Prior to the Nets departing for China, Billy King told reporters Prokhorov was not interested in selling.

"We’ll put it to rest. I think it has been said. He’s not selling," said King, who works closely with Prokhorov’s No. 2, Dmitry Razumov.

The Post reports that neither the Nets nor Barclays would comment on the report.