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Bojan Bogdanovic shooting well, adapting well, say Brooklyn Nets teammates

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Bojan Bogdanovic may be flying more under the radar than most of his teammates.  Despite his FIBA World Cup performance --third leading scorer-- he hasn't been getting much attention in pundits' listing of top rookies. Few seem to know who he is ... or how good he can be.

His teammates and coach know.  Lionel Hollins said on Media Day, "I like Bojan. He's a basketball player, not just a shooter, noting again on Monday, that he "moves well without the ball," critical to the coach's motion offense.

And don't forget, one of the first things Billy King did in his interview with Hollins was show him some tape of Bogdanovic in Europe and ask how he'd use him. Now, says at least one of his teammates, Hollins offensive system is helping the 6'8" shooting guard's transition from European star to NBA rookie.

Following Saturday's practice, Joe Johnson was asked how Bogdanovic has been doing in scrimmages, where more often than not he's been playing with the starters.

"HIgh IQ, really has a feel for the game and can really flat out shoot it," said Johnson, who knows something about all three of those things. "I think he's really gonna help the team."

Every day, before and after practice, Bogdanovic has teamed up with his fellow Mostar, Bosnia native, Mirza Teletovic, to get in some extra shooting practice. Watching them is like watching a shooting clinic. Neither misses much and they speak to each other, in Croatian, about shooting styles.

"Bojan has been doing pretty good. He's been great,"said Teletovic, who's taken on a mentoring role. " I think he's adapted pretty fast, and I think Coach Hollins has a pretty good system for him."

Teletovic explained: "He gets to move a lot. He's a pretty complete player. His motor, both offensively and defensively, is pretty good. So he gets to come off screens. He gets to cut to the basket. He gets to post up. So, he gets to use both sides of his offense."

He agreed with Johnson's assessment of his BBIQ. "He really understands basketball, understands what he's supposed to do on the court."

Off court, Teletovic said, his teammate has adapting as well. "He has his house. First thing I told him, get a house, get a car.  Just be able to move around a little bit. I know New York is a difficult city. There's a lot of traffic. He has to adjust to traffic. It's a pretty big change."

Do the two compete in those shooting drills before and after practice. Nah, says Teletovic. It's just part of their routine.