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Bruce Ratner on Barclays Center: "Even I did not think it would become as significant"

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Alex Trautwig

In an interview with Cool Spaces, a site for "the best new architecture," Bruce Ratner tells Stephen Lovekin about the process of designing Barclays Center, how it has become surprisingly, even to him a "destination" for those living and working in New York.

In Part 1, Ratner Ratner discusses the importance of public art, aspects of the building’s design (conceived by SHoP Architects), and why it was so essential, and worth the cost, to move the Barclays subway station entrance closer to the arena.

In Part 2, Ratner rhapsodizes about the arena’s form (by SHoP Architects) and weathered-steel (aka Cor-Ten) skin and discusses how creating such a building is a team effort.