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Pass the Mic, Vol. 1: Previewing the Nets 2014-15 season

Pass The Mic is a monthly feature that will ask questions of you, the die-hard Brooklyn Nets fan, with the inquiries put forth by my self, DV.

In this premier edition, we asked about how Bojan Bogdanovic will do in his rookie season, how Jarrett Jack will perform relative to Shaun Livingston last season, the supreme "what if" of having both Deron Williams and Brook Lopez being healthy and what type of numbers they'd put up, what Lionel Hollins brings to the team, and how it will all end with the Nets this season.

We received some great answers from a few Brooklyn Brigade members, THE best fans in the NBA if you ask me, so a special shoutout to Henry, Miguel, and Chris. Hopefully, we can get more of the BK Brigade involved, but even some of the "more quiet" diehard fans as well. And, let's not forget some of our more opinionated fans across the world as well.

So, here it is, the first monthly edition of Pass The Mic.

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