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Latest benefit of All-Access tickets for Brooklyn Nets: "Loyalty Insurance"

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Alex Trautwig

In what is being billed as a first for any pro sports team, the Nets will be offering "loyalty insurance" on their All-Access tickets, the higher priced, three-year commitment season tickets that already include all-you-can-eat service at Barclays Center concessions.

Crain's New York described the program this way:

Starting with the 2015-2016 season, the Nets will cover up to 15% of the total season-ticket purchase price for those tickets that the holder resells. A fan who spends $5,940 for the $135-per-seat package of 44 home games will be covered for losses on resold tickets up to $891 at the end of the season.

The only caveat is that the tickets must be resold via an authorized Ticketmaster site—not on StubHub, for instance.

Essentially, it's insurance to ward off losses on resale if the team isn't as good as projected.

There are other perks being added for the 4,400 All-Access package holders. All Access ticket holders will be entitled to free beer and wine for the half-hour before the game begins.

At the same time, the packages will increase in cost by 14 percent, Crain's noted.

Meanwhile, Crain's also reported that Bruce Ratner's Nets Sports & Entertainment, which owns 55 percent of the arena, may not be interested in selling all of it.  "A person familiar with Forest City Ratner’s plans said the company was only looking to sell a portion of its 55% stake," Crains reports.  Earlier this week, Sports Business Journal reported that the majority stake was for sale.