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Looks like Brook Lopez ... and Rajon Rondo ... will play on Opening Night

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Lionel Hollins told beat writers what Nets fans wanted to hear.  Brook Lopez may very well play against the Celtics and Rajon Rondo may well be on the opposite side of the court next Wednesday night.

"He was on the [anti-gravity] treadmill, but he’s doing fine," Hollins told reporters Friday when they asked about his mild midfoot sprain. "I think he’ll be ready by opening day, but that’s my opinion to talking to with him, but the doctors [still have to clear him]."

Hollins said that he did not see the need for Lopez to practice prior to next Wednesday's game vs. the Celtics.  Sunday's Open Practice will be the 10th day since Dr. Riley J. Williams III, the team orthopedist, prescribed a 10-to-14 day rest. No word on how much he'll do then.

Lopez was the only Net player who didn't practice other than Marquis Teague who was traded.  Kevin Garnett and Markel Brown, who both suffered from stomach viruses picked up on the team's trip to China, were back on the court.

Hollins also had some sharp words for his team, particularly its rebounding. Hollins was blunt. "It was spotty," he said. "There were games where we were even and there were a couple of games when we didn’t do very well."

Asked how his defensive and offensive systems were being implemented thus far, Hollins said with a laugh, "That’s spotty, too. Some days we look good and some days we don’t look so good."

Deron Williams agreed, calling the Nets defensive effort "lazy" on occasion and said he wouldn't use the crutch of the Chinese trip.

Meanwhile, Williams declined comment when asked about the tape on his right wrist/thumb. Williams has been sporting what looks to be a light wrap since the team’s trip to China. In fact, he didn't take too kindly to the question.  Before his ankle troubles, D-Will had wrist issues.

Rondo is hoping to return from a broken hand in time for the season opener, according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald.

Rondo broke his left hand prior to the start of training camp and was expected to miss six-to-eight weeks, but there are signs that he could be ready in time for the opener. Rondo has been taking light contact in practice, and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said the hand has reacted well.

"I think he feels great. I think he's got good mobility and flexibility," said his coach Brad Stevens, "and he bends his fingers well and all that other stuff that they make you do when you're hurt."

If not, the Celts are likely to start the rookie Marcus Smart.