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Forbes: Nets to make FanDuel an Official Team Sponsor


The Brooklyn Nets have added yet another sponsor to the list. This time, it's the rising fantasy sports company, FanDuel. The deal makes FanDuel an official sponsor of the team, and ensures exposure all over the stadium during games, along with more publicity on television and radio broadcasts. Here's what Brett Yormark had to say about the agreement:

"Fantasy sports gaming is a new category for our team and we are delighted that FanDuel, the pioneer of one-day gaming, sees the value of forming an alliance with the Brooklyn Nets," said  Yormark.  "We are also pleased that FanDuel will develop a presence in the community through a rewards program that offers fans a chance to attend Nets games."

The deal between the Brooklyn Nets and FanDuel was negotiated during the Nets preseason tenure in China, where FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles was present to see the Nets take on the Sacramento Kings. Eccles spoke about the upside of having his company sponsor a New York team:

"My trip to China with Nets management was a first-class experience and gave me further insight into their organization," said Eccles.  "New York City is a hot-bed for tech start-ups and this partnership between a leading New York tech company and a leading professional sports franchise highlights the innovation taking place right here in our hometown market."

Along with the Nets, the New England Patriots football team also reached an agreement with another gaming company, fellow daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings, providing more evidence that these fantasy-based business is on the rise.