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Brooklyn Nets keeping Mason Plumlee, Sergey Karasev, but not Marquis Teague

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Mike Lawrie

Billy King announced Friday that they have exercised the third-year contract options on Mason Plumlee and Sergey Karasev, but there was no mention of Marquis Teague, who's expected to be traded to Philadelphia, perhaps as early as today.

Teams were required to make decisions on third and fourth year rookie contract options by October 31.

As a result of the move, Nets will retain their rights to the two 2013 first round picks, selected at No. 19 (Karasev) and No. 22 (Plumlee) through 2015-16. Karasev will earn $1,599,840 next season;  Plumlee $1,415,520. The Nets will have to decide again next year to extend them another season.  Both could become restricted free agents in 2017-18 if they are not extended prior to that season. Teague was eligible for a fourth year extension.  No word on that status of trade talks.

Until Teague is dealt, the Nets will have 16 players under contract, one more than the maximum. Three of their remaining players -- Jorge Gutierrez, Jerome Jordan and Cory Jefferson -- are on partially guaranteed deals.  The Nets must make final roster decisions by 5 p.m. Monday.