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Woj: Nets, 76ers discussing Marquis Teague trade

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Brooklyn Nets

Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that the Nets and 76ers are discussing a trade that would send Marquis Teague to Philadelphia.  Stefan Bondy reports that in addition to Teague, the 76ers will get a future second round pick, not further described.

"The Nets wouldn't receive anything of significance in return for Teague," reported Woj on Yahoo!, citing sources. NetsDaily can confirm the report. According to one source, the Nets will receive the right to swap second rounders with Philly in return. No cash is involved, said a second source.  A trade for draft rights, a pick or a swap of picks would put the Nets roster at 15, the maximum.  In theory, such a trade could open a spot for Jorge Gutierrez, who played for the Nets last season and is in training camp.

Tim Bontemps later tweeted the deal is close.

As for the second rounder the Nets would send out, Brooklyn has several they can move, their own in 2015, 2016 (if not swapped with Clippers), 2018 and 2019 as well as the worse of the Milwaukee and Sacramento picks.

The Nets have been looking to trade Teague for a while, sources have told NetsDaily. The team has been hoping it can get something for the 21-year-old, who will make $1.12 million this season, but mainly wanted to free up roster space and reduce luxury taxes.  Teague, a Kentucky product, has been showcased with big minutes this preseason. Results have varied.  In Boston on Wednesday night, he had six turnovers in his first start, getting beaten badly by Marcus Smart on more than one occasion.  On the other hand, he had played well in Shanghai against the Kings.

The Nets acquired him last season from the Bulls for Toko Shengelia, who Chicago later cut. He is currently playing in Spain.