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Will Mason Plumlee help solve the Nets' rebounding woes?

Mason Plumlee pulled down 17 rebounds in just under 30 minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers, in a game in which the Nets were missing both Brook Lopez (ankle) and Kevin Garnett (illness). With Brooklyn looking for an answer to their early season rebounding woes, it was a much needed effort.

After the game, Lionel Hollins said of Plumlee, "This is a league of up and downs, he had ten rebounds at halftime, he was doing a nice job in the second half, he was getting to the basket, and finishing without them fouling. That was the best thing he could do and he wound up just having a big game. And that's what we need from him every night. That is the expectation for him. Not to get 17 points, not to get 20, but to go out and be aggressive."

Plumlee spoke after the game about his rebounding, but more so of how he and his teammates were able to rebound and get back to things after the team's long trip to China.

Deron Williams reiterated the importance of Plumlee needing to be dominant on the glass while Lopez and Garnett are out.

It's certainly not a solve, especially since the Nets won't be playing against the 76ers every night, but as Hollins said, it's about the effort and Plumlee can certainly help add to the solve as long as he goes out there each and every night and continues to be active around the basket.

Video via Dexter Henry.