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For Brooklyn Nets, yeah, there's (always) an app for that

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The Nets have been very big into the use of iPads and iPhones for the past several years.  Every player gets an iPad with preloaded customized training regimens, a playbook, team information, etc.  Now, they've gone beyond that into real-time monitoring of players' health and conditioning using an iOS-connected shirt!

Their use of the Apple technology first got attention in 2012, when they had to coordinate their contract signings to take advantage of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. They used both the iPad and iPhone. Deron Williams agreed to his $100 million contract by signing a dotted line on an iPad in a Las Vegas hotel room, where he was practicing with Team USA.  Brook Lopez signed on an iPad at his home in Los Angeles and Billy King co-signed on his iPhone in the back of a limousine on his way to the ESPY's.

Now, Apple Insider reveals the Nets are among those using an iOS-connected "biometric shirt" called Hexoskin to help monitor players' vital signs, like blood pressure, breathing rate, lung capacity, etc.  The data is then fed to a "dashboard" that can be read on an iPad or iPhone. 

Said a Nets insider, the team tracks "everything with our players in practice and when they leave the facility," even monitoring sleep. It all feeds into Dr. Jeremy Bettle's strength and training metric.  The team also has a staffer, Brennan Blair, with the title "coordinator, basketball technology. "

It's not just a game. It's a business and Yeah, there's an app for that.