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Brooklyn Nets: Going with what they had, but in a new way

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Kevin Lee

John Schuhmann of thinks it's not a bad thing that the Nets didn't clean house after last year's disappointing season.  They did lose Paul Pierce, Shaun Livingston and Andray Blatche, but they hung on the rest of their core, including Joe Johnson, who isn't a bad choice for an offensive keystone.

What they did was change the offense.  As Schuhmann writes, the Nets virtually led the league in standing around last year.

According to SportVU, the Nets ranked in the middle of the league in passes per possession last season, but near the bottom in distance traveled. The ball moved more than the people, who often stood around when the Nets got the matchup they wanted.

Now, that's changed and Johnson, among others, thinks it's for the better.

"It's reads and reactions," Johnson told Schuhmann. "You can't game plan for one guy. You can't double-team or load up, because a lot of it is movement, catch and shoot, catch and make a quick play, instead of just coming down like, 'OK, we're going to put Joe in the post.'"

Schuhmann expects Johnson to be a big beneficiary of the new offense, noting how he rose to the occasion in the playoffs last year. Writes Schuhman, "Johnson averaged 21.2 points on an effective field goal percentage of 59.2 percent in 12 postseason games, reminding everyone that there was a pretty good player holding that pretty big contract."