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Will the Brooklyn Nets keep a third point guard?

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With an abundance of point guards on the roster, the Nets will start trimming the roster.

Lintao Zhang

Something's got to give.

As it stands, the Brooklyn Nets have four point guards on their roster.  Other than the starter, Deron Williams, and the back-up, Jarrett Jack, the Nets also have Marquis Teague and Jorge Gutierrez.

What's certain is the Nets will cut at least one point guard.  Teams simply do not carry four point guards.  The real question is if they will only cut one or both.

It can be argued the Nets do not need a third point guard.  Teague played 21 games and started one last season and Gutierrez played 15 games, starting two.  They averaged 9.6 MPG and 16.3 MPG, respectively.  Tyshawn Taylor also played 23 games and averaged 11.7 MPG before being dispatched to New Orleans in January.  Together, the three point guards played a combined 715 minutes last year.

For the most part, Teague and Gutierrez were fairly inconsequential.  Teague was given a chance to showcase his ability against the Memphis Grizzlies on March 5, but was a non-factor in the game that the Nets signed Gutierrez the next day. For the rest of the season, Gutierrez played sparingly, Teague barely at all. So far, this preseason, Teague has played well in one game. So has Gutierrez.

But what if Williams gets hurt?  When his balky ankles flared up last season, Shaun Livingston slid into the point guard spot, and Joe Johnson and Alan Anderson filled in at shooting guard.  If Williams misses time this year, Jack can take Livingston's spot. Anderson, who played both guard spots, is available again and Markel Brown, who the Nets like, could also back-up Jack until Williams is ready to return. But is Brown ready?

thers also the issue of money. Teague has a $1.1 million guarantee. Gutierrez received a $25,000 guarantee when he invited to training camp. Multiply both those numbers by three because of the Nets heavy luxury tax. If the Nets cut Gutierrez, there's basically no penalty, but if you dump Teague and no one picks him up, the Nets will have pick up $3 million in additional taxes for nothing.

In the end, neither Teague nor Gutierrez may not be as impactful as the Nets had hoped and that may not warrant keeping them around.  However, it's worth noting the Nets carried three point guards all of last season.  Perhaps they like the depth.  The Nets could possibly cut both and then explore other options in free agency. In any event, at least one of them will probably get the axe very soon.

Note that Will Bynum is about to be waived by the Celtics and as the Boston Globe notes once he clears waiver, "he will garner interest on the free agent market."