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Sole survivors - Jarrett Jack and Joe Johnson

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Johnson says he was happy when he got the news the Nets had traded for Jarrett Jack back in July.

"I think Jarrett’s probably going to be one of the biggest X-factors for this team," Joe Johnson said on media day. "I think he’s very underrated, a guy that can do multiple things, as far as catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, create, defending, another ball handler who can break down the defense. So I think it’s only a plus for us, man. I was excited when we got him."

There may have been another reason. Now, Johnson has someone to talk to about his obsession, footwear, that is the hundreds and hundreds of sneakers the two have collected over the years.  As Stefan Bondy writes Friday...

Jack has a collection of about 1,500 pairs of sneakers lined up neatly in his Atlanta home, the result of accumulating about 300 per year since joining the NBA and signing with Nike. His goal is to wear a new pair every day, which is why he brought more than 100 to his apartment in New Jersey after being traded from Cleveland.

That, of course, is nothing compared to his "solemate" --as Bondy calls him or "shoe connoisseur." as Joe Cool calls himself.  He has a vast sneaker vault in his Atlanta house, a minute away from Jack's off-season home.

"When those shoes were coming out back in the day, those Jordans come out, they’ll be like $120 dollars. We couldn’t buy it," Johnson told Bondy. "I wasn’t able to get a pair of them. Now that I can get four, five pairs for free, why not?