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Watch: Mirza Teletovic scores 22 points against the Kings, asks NetsDaily if we're 'satisfied?'

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Lintao Zhang

Yes, yes we're satisfied. Quite satisfied, in fact.

NetsDaily favorite Mirza Teleteovic helped lead the Brooklyn Nets to a victory over the Sacramento Kings in overtime on Wednesday morning, 129-117, behind 22 points from Teletovic. He was starting in place of Kevin Garnett, who sat out in this one.

He also helped the Nets to victory early Sunday morning when he nailed a late-game three-pointer, scoring 10 points and giving the Nets the two-point victory in Shanghai.

In Game One, against Maccabbi Tel Aviv, Teletovic scored 13 points. That, readers, is a total of 45 points. To which, Teletovic asked his teammates and NetsDaily on Twitter, "Satisfied?"

45 points in three games?

Again, yes, yes we are satisfied.

Quite satisfied.