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It's Breakfast in Beijing for Nets and Kings

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Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets play the Kings at 7:30 p.m., local time, at the MasterCard Center in Beijing. With a 12-hour time difference, that means the game starts in New York at 7:30 a.m, just in time for breakfast. Once the game ends, the Nets will make their way to the airport and head home, where they play the Celtics on Sunday afternoon.

The Nets beat the Kings in Shanghai, 97-95, with Mirza Teletovic hitting the game winning-three.  The team, well, the players, remain healthy. No word on whether Lionel Hollins will be on the bench Wednesday.  He has been described as "under the weather", missing both the Sunday game and Tuesday practice. Also, there was no sign of him at the Great Wall Monday.  If he can't go Wednesday, then expect Paul Westphal, who coached the Nets Sunday, will be running the team in Beijing.

There's no word yet on the starting lineup. Bojan Bogdanovic started at shooting guard vs. Maccabi and Sacramento but Alan Anderson is now healthy.  Hollins has said he expected to give his younger players more time in the China games, and indeed Bogdanovic, Mason Plumlee, Marquis Teague and Jerome Jordan all played significant minutes right up to the end.  Cory Jefferson, who played vs. Maccabi, did not play in Shanghai and two young Nets, Jorge Gutierrez and Willie Reed have yet to play.

Where to follow the game

Once again, YES will not be broadcast the game. The only way to see it is via NBA TV, which will carry it live at 7:30 p.m. The post-game press conference will also be broadcast live. The game will be re-broadcast at 2:30 p.m., also on NBA TV.

Player to Watch: Deron Williams

Assuming the Nets don't rest Williams, he's likely to be the focal point of local interest. He's only player on either team who medaled at the 2008 Beijing Olympics team. (Andrei Kirilenko played for Team Russia.)  You can bet he'd like to remind the locals that he is the same player he was back then (Us, too!)

In an interview with Yan Weijue, of China Daily and DeronChina, D-WIll reminisced about the Olympics and said fans have helped make the trip a pleasure for the Nets.

"It is great to be back in Beijing. It is my first time back since the Olympics [in 2008]. I had a great time before. I had great time this time as well. The fans have been great. People and China have been great. We've enjoyed this trip a lot," said Williams, who won a second gold medal in London four years later.

So far, Williams has looked good --quick and composed. Reports are that he is upbeat and a big fan of Hollins. He hasn't been dominant yet though, scoring 29 points on 23 shots, going 11-of-23 overall and 2-of-6 from deep.

From the Vault

In light of D-Will's nostalgia, we offer highlights of the USA-China game from the 2008 Olympics. That's the game that started with D-Will trying to dunk over Yao Ming.

It didn't work, but D-Will told Yan he was fouled.

"It was a foul!" Williams joked. "It should have been a foul. They didn't call it though."