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Nets and Celtics to participate in 44-minute game Sunday

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has possibly looked to make the game easier on its players, whether it be traveling, amount of games, or time of games. Well, the league is beginning to experiment, and it starts with the Brooklyn NetsJeff Zillgitt of USAToday reports that the Nets and Celtics will play a 44-minute game on Sunday at the Barclays Center, the first in league history.

Playing four 11-minute quarters is one-time preseason experiment and only exploratory. However, at the recent NBA coaches' meeting in Chicago, the length of games was a topic, and it was suggested the NBA take a look at shortening games.

NBA President of Basketball Operations, and former Nets GM, Rod Thorn said that the coaches think it may be a good idea and that they need hard evidence to see it. "Let's get some empirical evidence regarding this and take a fresh look at it," Thorn said.

This is also a way to cut down on the length of games, the current average being two hours and 15 minutes. Here are some details on how the game will work.

Each quarter will have two mandatory timeouts at the first dead ball under 6:59 and the first dead ball under 2:59, and the game will have two fewer mandatory timeouts than a normal game. In a 48-minute game, there are three mandatory timeouts in the second and fourth quarters, and the first mandatory timeout comes at the first dead ball under 5:59.

Zillgitt writes that if the league made the game four minutes less than that would take away the length of seven NBA games, making it easier on the players.

It is unknown that the NBA will actually consider this idea, but it is definitely being put into practice.

Zillgitt reports that the Nets and Celtics both volunteered to participate in the event.