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Kevin Garnett: 'My mindset last year was taking a step back. This year is to be more aggressive'

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Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, Kevin Garnett was all about being a role player, all about deferring and moving out of spotlight.  He limited his training, started the season slowly, got caught up in what some thought was an arbitrary minutes restriction, then missed 22 straight games to back spasms.  By season's end, the team was a disappointment and he had his worst year ever.

He tells Lenn Robbins in Beijing that is not going to happen again.

"My mindset last year was taking a step back," he told Robbins in the exclusive interview. "This year is to be more aggressive, to get back to my winning ways because I’m an aggressive person and I’m an aggressive player, to bring that attitude."

He said one thing he did was start training earlier than he did last summer, like about six weeks earlier (something he and Andrei Kirilenko have both said they did.)

"July, I started jogging a little bit; weights the whole time. I got back to my old regimen and even though I didn’t say anything or talk to [GM] Billy [King] or anybody from the Nets, I had started to prepare as if I was going to play this year."

Garnett is not predicting numbers, not of minutes, not of points, just a more aggressive attitude.

"The fact that giving an effort, 100-percent, like I always have done, and coming out here with a better spirit, I think could carry me over the top. I’m just focused on that right there," he said.