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Why should you watch the Nets this season? Because of Joe Johnson!

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Johnson is thought of as boring and uncharismatic, with a fat paycheck being paid by the Brooklyn Nets. However, since coming to Brooklyn, Johnson has been as steady as they come, giving Nets fans buzzer beater after buzzer beater and filthy crossover after filthy crossover.

Zach Harper, in a special for, took notice when he told readers why they should watch the Nets in 2014-2015.

Because he had a fantastic agent a few years ago and signed a monster contract with the Atlanta Hawks, we've focused on Joe Johnson's bank account far too much. In reality, the six-year, $119 million deal he signed in 2010 shouldn't have anything to do with how much we enjoy watching him on the basketball court, even if you're terrified of it being on your team's books. Johnson has one of the best crossovers in the league and his handle is so low to the ground and deadly you'd think it was a clone of Dr. Evil (timely reference!).

Just watch this showcase of 10 great moves by JJ over the years. Seriously, the time he madePaul Pierce look like he was struggling to do some basic yoga is one of the best crossovers in recent years. Johnson is also one of the more reliable clutch shooters in the league and this Nets team will be in a lot of tight games. Everybody loves a good game winner.

Johnson may not jump off the page with his game, he is as cerebral as anyone in the league, but he has had his moments of emotion.

After coming to Brooklyn as the third man in a "core four" of sorts with Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, and Gerald Wallace, Johnson is arguably the top player, definitely the most consistent, on this Brooklyn Nets squad.

Here's to hoping for some more Johnson heroics in year three.