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For Jarrett Jack, a chance for redemption in Brooklyn

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrett Jack is a pretty cool dude. Keeps calm, carries on. When he learned he was being traded to the Nets, this is what he tweeted...

It's pretty typical.

Would he like to stay in Brooklyn for a while? "I hope so," Jack told Mike Mazzeo, who notes the 30-year-old has already played for six francises. "I always wondered what living in the tri-state area would be like, so I’m kinda getting accustomed to the way things are and feeling my way through traffic."


He's also feeling his way through the Nets offense ... and hoping its hot potato ball movement will help people forget his off season in Mike Brown's dribble happy offense in Cleveland.  He recalls fondly playing with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and all that motion.  But being the kind of guy he is, he's willing to play whatever role the Nets give him: back up point guard, Deron Williams backcourt sidekick.

And Joe Cool himself, Joe Johnson liked the idea of playing with Jack from the beginning.

"I think Jarrett’s probably going to be one of the biggest X-factors for this team," Joe Johnson said on media day. "I think he’s very underrated, a guy that can do multiple things, as far as catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, create, defending, another ball handler who can break down the defense. So I think it’s only a plus for us, man. I was excited when we got him."