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Brooklyn Nets visit Great Wall

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Brooklyn Nets

The Great Wall extends across 15,000 miles of Chinese territory, from east to west, but one section is close enough to Beijing to hop on, and a group of Nets players did just that on Monday, their first day off since arriving in China.

The Nets posted images of five Nets -- Alan Anderson, Jarrett Jack, Jerome Jordan, Markel Brown and Andrei Kirilenko and video of the whole team -- climbing around the 26-foot high wall. The video of Kevin Garnett tobogganing is the high point. No word on whether Nets players visited the other big tourist sites in Beijing: the Great Hall of the People, the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square.

The Nets play again Wednesday morning, at 7:30 ET in Beijing's Master Card Center.  The game, again vs. the Kings, will be televised on NBA TV.