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Brook Lopez: Can he turn a love of comics into something else?

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Brooklyn Nets

We don't know if there are any comic book stores in Shanghai or Beijing, but we bet Brook Lopez does!  The New York Post writes Friday about his well known hobby and also hints this hobby may be about to make some money for what the paper calls "the seven foot Nerd."

As Kirsten Fleming writes...

While most NBA players shell out big bucks on stylists so that they can have the latest Lanvin, sit front-row at fashion shows and grace the pages of GQ, Lopez is more concerned with geekier pursuits — superheroes and comic books.

Lopez in fact admits "I’ve easily spent a grand on a comic book. I have no conscience when it comes to [buying them]." And as every Nets fan knows, his favorite character is Batman.  He appreciates his wiliness and grit.

But as much fun as it is collecting, the Lopez brothers --Brook, the Blazers Robin and their two older siblings, Chris and Alex, are about to take this further, into a money making venture. Fleming writes, "[Brook] and his brothers are collaborating on a top-secret comic project — a deal that is now being ironed out with lawyers. When asked about it, he only says they 'have a lot of ideas.'"

And as Lopez notes, comics aren't his only interest. He attended the Emmys recently, occasionally goes to fashion shows, accompanied a former president to Africa, and spends a lot of time traveling