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Jason Kidd: "We couldn't practice. We were hurt"

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Milwaukee Bucks

Jason Kidd responded to Joe Johnson's Media Day comment on how the Nets didn't practice much under him last season.

Asked about Johnson’s comment in Milwaukee, Kidd told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Wednesday, "We couldn’t. We were hurt. That’s just part of the game. What Joe said wasn’t a shock. Unfortunately, people outside took it as a shot. But it wasn’t a shot. We practiced when we could. We were an older group."

Johnson laughingly told reporters on Media Day, "With Jason Kidd, he — I mean, we — practiced, but, not really."

Johnson's comment was one of several digs at Kidd the last few days by Nets players.  Other than Johnson's, the most pointed came from Kevin Garnett, who said he enjoyed his time with Kidd, but said, "I didn’t really know what to expect the first year. Under Jason (Kidd), I didn’t know where I fit in."

Without mentioning Kidd, Andrei Kirilenko referred to last season as messy, one of several thinly veiled criticisms he's made of Kidd since the end of last season. "We kind of forgot about the slow steps, the preparation steps. That’s why the first couple of months were kind of messy," said Kirilenko.

Asked about Kidd's coaching style, Lionel Hollins told the media at his Media Day press conference, "I hear no evil, I see no evil, I speak no evil. I don’t even know about that. All I know about is how we’re going to do it."

But in an interview with Mike Fratello for NBA TV, he was more forthcoming ... and a bit withering. "When I watched the team from afar last season, being on TV and all, I saw a team that didn't look at cohesive as it needed to be, to be as good as it wanted to be, a little bit of aggressiveness and a little bit of toughness."

Meanwhile, Kidd told ESPN that he didn't force his way out of Brooklyn after a failed power play, but that the Bucks approached him and the Nets decided to let him go because "Brooklyn thought they could do better."  That flies in the face of every other version of the story of Kidd's departure.  Kidd declined to comment in July.