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Mark Jackson on Jason Kidd ... and the Pips

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, as a game ends, opposing coaches wave to each other as they and their teams leave the court. Not last night. Jason Kidd and Mark Jackson embraced each other at half court and exchanged a few words.

The two coaches, the last two NBA players to go directly from from playing to wearing a suit and tie (okay in Kidd's case, just a suit) have been close for years. When Kidd was the Nets point guard and Jackson the Nets analyst on YES, JKidd relied on MJax for advice.  Wednesday night, Jackson showed his support for an old friend.

"I cannot speak about Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank, because I do not know it," Jackson said. "But everybody has to know who is in charge, and that’s the head coach. He’s the one calling the shots. I’ve never seen anyone of the Pips try to lead. That’s Gladys’ role. Let Gladys be Gladys."

Jackson also said that Kidd didn't need to be an assistant before becoming a head coach. He was a coach on the court his entire career.   "The guy is a Hall of Fame basketball player, he’s an all-time great, and he’s going to be a heck of a basketball coach."

Kidd said Jackson was his "model". "I’ve talked to him throughout this season, and I’m happy for his success. He’s given us, guys who have retired from playing, an opportunity to do something, and that’s hopefully to become a coach like him."