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Breaking down the big win: D-FENSE

In our latest video report, Dex doesn't wear a tie; Tom doesn't wear a tie; Jason Kidd doesn't wear a tie and the Nets have won four in a row.

In summing up the latest win, against the red hot Golden State Warriors, Dex Henry and Tom Lorenzo talk about the big difference between the Nets of 2013 and the Nets of 2014: the ability to bounce back.

"I think a big part of this game is that the Nets found themselves down early, giving up 32 points in the first quarter, but they held in there," noted Tom. "But they held in there. The body language didn't sink. Typically, we've seen last year --2013-- the body language would immediately sink. All of a sudden, you'd find the game really getting out of hand. But the Nets really hung in there and a lot of it was on the defensive side of the ball."

Tom also noted that in each of the Nets wins, they've held opponents to fewer than 100 points and in each of the wins, the opponent has had 18 or more turnovers. On to the Heat Friday night.