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GQ to open barbershop on concourse of Barclays Center


Let the hoop arguments begin!

Early Friday, Deron Williams and boxer Luis Collazo will sit in oversized and overstuffed chairs at Barclays Center's newest retail store, the GQ (once Gentleman's Quarterly, now just GQ) BarberShop. As anyone who's ever sat in a barbar's chair (or in one of the magazine-littered waiting area) knows, barbershops are ideal places for debating sports.

GQ announced the opening Monday, noting...

We teamed up with Fellow Barber to open the GQ Barbershop, which officially opens for business on Friday, January 10. The 400-square-foot space will be located in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, right on the venue's main concourse. We'll be offering haircuts, shaves, and plenty of GQ-approved grooming products during more than 100 sporting events and concerts.

It won't be cheap. Shave and cut will cost $75 while a beard trim (hello, Reggie) goes for $15. No indication of whether the shop will feature cuts named for Nets players, but Andrew Keh of the Times knows which one he wants if they go that route.

The shop looks like a traditional urban shop, with a lot of black-and-white (of course) tile work,, framed photos of celebrities and a TV dominating the scene (and hopefully not distracting the barbers.)