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Joe Johnson in a shooting funk ... well, except for Thursday night

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Back on December 16, Joe Johnson had his best game as a Net and one of his best games ever. He hit 10 of 14 three's, tying an NBA record for three's in a quarter, on his way to a 37-point game.  The next game, he had 20, but then he missed a game to personal reasons and in the seven games since, he hasn't hit more than one three-pointer ... although he did hit a big one Thursday . Overall, he's hit 5-of-30 or 16.7 percent over that stretch. How bad is it? The guy making $18.4 million is average 9.1 points in the last seven.

"Yeah, shots I normally make, I haven’t made in the past few games. I’ll get back to that tomorrow night," Johnson promised at Sunday's practice. He'll be facing his old team, the Hawks, the club that traded him after giving him a $120 million contract.

His coach, who asked him to take and make the game winner vs the Thunder, thinks he'll be fine.

"He’s getting the same looks. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t," Kidd said. "For a scorer, you just have to keep working and getting extra shots in as he has, and work through it. Every player goes through it during an 82-game season. Shots might not fall for you, you just have to keep plugging through it."