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Bogdanovic scores 12 in blowout as he's lobbied to stay in Europe

It's gotta be distraction. In the past week, Bojan Bogdanovic has had to tell Croatian media he hasn't made a decision on what he'll do next season -- just after his European coach told Turkish media he thinks he's persuaded Bogdanovic to stay.

Still, Bogdanovic continues to do well. He scored 12 points Sunday in an easy Fenerbahce win in Turkish league action. Bogdanovic was 5-of-11 overall, with three assists and three rebounds in only 23 minutes. Fener beat Aykon TED by 17, after being ahead by 13 at the half.

All the while, Bogdanovic's future remains the subject of news stories in his native Croatia and in Turkey, where he is arguably the best player in the country.  Three days ago, Bogdanovic said it was too early to discuss whether he was headed to the NBA next season.

It turns out that five days before that, his coach at Fener, Zeljko Obradovic, told Turkish media he thinks he's convinced the 6'8" swingman to stay in Europe! He told an interviewer that he asked Bogdanovic, "you want to sit on the bench, or do you want to play here?" Bogdanovic, who's said he's not intimidated by the Nets roster, doesn't have to decide on his future until July. Unlike last July, Bogdanovic has no buyout. He's an unrestricted free agent.