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Mikhail Prokhorov, Jason Kidd offer up thoughts on David Stern


On February 1, NBA commissioner David Stern will retire from his post, one in which he's held for 30 years. Over those three decades, Stern has led the way in globalizing the game, expanding the league both "at home" and beyond. He's branded and socialized the NBA, and should be lauded for the many ways in which he's helped to mold and mend the product we see on the court today. Of course, there have been several missteps along the way, his tenure has been far from perfect.

Still, we tip our cap to David Stern, and acknowledge his roll in bringing the Nets to Brooklyn. And as part of an SB Nation-wide theme day, we were asked to discuss Stern's impact on the team we root for and cover, to which we decided to reach out to the team's management to get a few words on Stern.

Mikhail Prokhorov, Owner

Without David Stern, I would not be the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, plain and simple. The goes beyond the huge support I felt from him when I was in the process of buying the team. It’s really David’s vision of the NBA as an organization with global ambitions and reach that led to the happy circumstance of my involvement with the League. I want to wish him many, many years of happiness and health going forward.

Jason Kidd, Head Coach

Commissioner Stern has had an historic run as the head of our league, and his accomplishments have made the NBA what it is today. I want to wish he and his family only the best in the years to come, as well as welcome Adam Silver, who I’m sure will be a very worthy successor.

Brett Yormark, Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center CEO

David Stern’s vision and leadership made the NBA a successful global enterprise. He set the standard for all sports leagues through innovation and direction, while spearheading the NBA’s rise as a role model for social responsibility. He is the definition of a game-changer and his impact will be felt forever.

Yes, we too at NetsDaily wish Mr. Stern the best and, again, tip our cap his way for his impact on the game.