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Nets, Raptors post-game reaction to Deron Williams' costly turnover

The Brooklyn Nets lost a tough one at home to the Atlantic Division-leading Toronto Raptors, 104-103, on what ended up being a costly turnover by Deron Williams in the final seconds of the game.

Here are how players and coaches from both teams reacted to that final play after the game.

Deron Williams on "what happened":

"I turned it over; didn't have any timeouts. I pretty much saw everybody was covered on the first couple of options. Kind of saw Joe (Johnson) open but just made a bad pass."

Deron Williams on whether Joe Johnson was the "main option":

"I looked to everybody on the other side first, kind of saw him open at the last minute."

Jason Kidd on whether Joe Johnson was the option in that final play:

"One of the options (was to go to Joe Johnson), we tried to spread them out and D-Will (Deron Williams) has the ball to make the decision on who he's going to go to and he felt that he could get the ball to Joe."

Nets Lose Heartbreaker to Raptors

Jason Kidd on what happened in that final play:

"It happens. You put the ball in your best player's hands and you ask them to make plays. Basketball sometimes you make a mistake and turn the ball over and that's what happened tonight."

Paul Pierce on what happened in that final play:

"We turned the ball over. We tried to get the ball in. It wasn't something that was done on purpose. We wanted to get the ball in. They played the play well, got a steal and made a tough shot."

Kyle Lowry on the steal:

"I was on the ball and we knew they did not have any timeouts. You know they have a million and one plays they could come up with but we guessed right and Patrick (Patterson) looked like Richard Sherman out there with that steal. I know we were just going to go when we go the steal because they were off balance. I had a couple guys but I just went with Pat and he made it."

Patrick Patterson on the last play:

"Pretty much coach drew up a couple plays that he thought they were going to run and they wanted me to be out by half court and whoever ran in that direction I would take. Luckily, I was in the right place at the right time and I was able to gather the ball which I then wanted to get to Kyle (Lowry)."

Patrick Patterson on making the game winning shot:

"It felt great. I was saying to myself after I airballed that shot that I wished I had pump-faked, one dribble up but I am thankful for the other opportunity."

Dwane Casey on the last play of the game:

"We knew exactly what Brooklyn was going to run. Our defense was set. Kyle Lowry was on the ball because he had five fouls and we were going to take a foul if Brooklyn got it in and we didn't want to waste him with that foul. Usually we have our big man on the ball and we have a special coverage that we have for that type of lineup. In a scramble situation we had numbers and Kyle Lowry had two or three options to throw the ball to and we made the right play at the end."

(Video via Ben Golliver)