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Do Nets have trade assets? Yes if they're willing to trade Lopez, Williams

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Amin Elhassan and Bradfood Doolittle of ESPN try ranking teams' trade assets with less than a month to go before the trade deadline. Who's No. 1, based on two criteria: who a team would want to trade and what those assets could return? Elhassan and Doolittle say the Nets have the most valuable trade assets IF they are willing to deal Brook Lopez or Deron WIlliams.  That's a big if.  They also suggest Mirza Teletovic, Mason Plumlee and Andrei Kirilenko have value.

Writes Elhassan, "Brooklyn's asset value is real, even if its championship chances aren't. Williams and Lopez are accomplished (albeit injury-prone) players who still hold value in the trade market, and Plumlee, Teletovic and "AK-47" are competent role players at value pricing."

The Nets have already turned down at least one deal for each: Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin of the Rockets for D-Will and Pau Gasol of the Lakers for Brook Lopez. Neither Houston nor L.A. were offering first round picks and the Nets quickly dismissed them, say Nets insiders. Of course, the deals were offered before Lopez broke his foot and Williams had his latest ankle woes.

It's hard to see many teams being interested in Lopez after he just had foot reconstruction.  And D-Will's ankle woes have to be a concern.  Would the Nets do it?  Not now, with both having low value at the moment.  We also wonder why Paul Pierce, a $15.3 million expiring contract, isn't included.