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Mason Plumlee goes underground for Inside Stuff

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Before the draft, Mason Plumlee said he hoped to get drafted by a team in a big city.  After growing up in Warsaw, Indiana, playing high school ball in Arden, North Carolina, and playing college ball in Durham, North Carolina. Now, that he's in the biggest city in the NBA, he's adapted quite nicely.

He takes "Inside Stuff" on his commute from a high rise in Jersey City to Barclays Center via first the PATH, then the 7th Avenue express from Chambers Street, ducking his head along the way and remarking on how everyone in New York is hurrying somewhere.

Once at the final stop, he points out that he's not among the big head portraits at the main entrance ..."yet"

Despite his lack of playing time lately, ESPN's David Thorpe still has Plumlee at No. 5 in his rooking rankings.