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Bojan Bogdanovic ... the Nets "draft pick" of 2014?


A.J. Mitnick writes regularly on NBA prospects for Sheridan Hoops. Saturday, he profiles Bojan Bogdanovic, who he has put in the top three of Euro-Stash the last two years.

While the Nets have no pick in either round of the 2014 draft, Mitnick says they could still have a top rookie in the 2014-15 class...

While the 2014 draft class is set to be very strong, Bogdanovic would be one of the strongest rookies in the league next year, after a wealth of experience in the Euroleague, Spanish ACB league, Adriatic League, and the Turkish TBL. While he is still relatively young, being born in 1989, this is no typical rookie. He will go through the inevitable transition period, as there is for any rookie, especially from Europe, but this kid can flat out play at the highest level, and he should prove to be one of the big steals of the 2011 draft.

Mitnick, an assistant coach in the Israeli League, says that Bogdanovic should have an easier transition than another native of Mostar, Bosnia...

While current Net, Mirza Teletovic, was more of a spot-up shooting go-to guy in Europe, Bogdanovic does most of his damage off the dribble, and will likely have an easier adjustment to the NBA than most Europeans.

Problem is that the Nets don't know if Bogdanovic will come to the NBA next year  Unlike last summer, when he had a huge buyout, this summer he's a free agent. But both his current team, Fenerbahce of Istanbul, and other European powers are likely to made a big offer. He has been, understandably, non-committal.