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Brooklyn Nets' "Random Acts of Kindness" are back

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

Shaun Livingston and the BrooklyKnight surprised wide-eyed shoppers at the a Park Slope Key Food supermarket with gift cards on Wednesday night — and even helped them bag a few groceries, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

It's part of the Nets' Random Acts of Kindness program in which team members show up at a local store or gas station and pay the bill for those in the store or on line at the station or other service provider.

Last year, Kris Humphries and Jerry Stackhouse came to the same Key Food and paid for items and Brook Lopez, Tyshawn Taylor and MarShon Brooks showed up at a local gas station. This is an addition to the Nets annual Christmas event where the team provides 75 local kids with $150 American Express gift cards to be used at Cookies, the Brooklyn toy store. This Christmas, most of the team, including all of their All-Stars, were on hand.

"I am glad they came out to the neighborhood," Nets fan and Park Slope resident Koave Joseph told the Brooklyn Paper. "It does not always have to be about the super-stardom."