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It's Dodger Blue and Grey ... in short sleeves


The Nets calendar lists five games where the team will wear "alternate home uniforms" which are separate from the "Christmas Short Sleeve Jerseys."  The jerseys will be worn March 21 and 28 as well as April 4, 11, and 15, the last home game of the season.

Now Darren Rovell of ESPN confirms what Brian Erni of SNY Nets reported back in November: that those uniform jersey will indeed be "Dodger Blue" and Grey, and they will have short sleeves.

Rovell reports...

Sources told that the Nets will first wear the blue and grey sleeved jerseys for the game against the Boston Celtics on March 21 and will wear them for four other games, to be called "Brooklyn Blue Nights," before the season is over.  The Nets' dance team, the Brooklynettes, will also have costumes that pay tribute to Brooklyn's past on those nights.

Rovell's report was accompanied by an image of Joe Johnson in one of the jerseys which will retail with prices ranging from $50 to $110. Player T-shirts in the same motif will cost $32.

The blue will, of course, be in tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, who left the borough in 1957.  Bruce Ratner, when he was principal owner of the Nets, contacted the Los Angeles Dodgers about using the Dodgers as a team name for his newly acquired basketball team, but Dodger ownership wasn't interested in a deal.

They went on saie Friday night at the Nets Shop on the Barclays Center concourse ... and online.