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Video: Who taught Jason Kidd the "cup trick"? Why it was Gary Payton, of course

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd sat down with long-time friend and, as he put it, "older brother" Gary Payton for a one-on-one conversation about Kidd's tenure calling the shots for the Nets. The video was for Fox Sports Live, where Payton now works.

They discuss Kidd's decision to want to be a head coach just months after retiring from the game, the calls for him to be fired, the situation with Lawrence Frank, and his coaching style.

"We just didn't, uh, agree and change had to be made and I made it," said Kidd about Frank's "re-assignment" to filing daily reports. "That just comes in any business. Things you think will go in the one direction and they don't. But it doesn't take away from my main purpose, which is those 15 guys to be prepared and ready to play."

As for rumors that Kidd might be fired, Kidd dismisses them as part of the game. "Measured on winning or losing.
As a player, you get traded, as a coach you get fired."

Kidd mentions to Payton that growing up with him, Payton did "all the talking," while Kidd "watched and listened." "Things haven't changed," Kidd told the master of the trash talk. He then concluded that it was Payton who taught him the "cup trick."

"People talk about me spilling the drink," he says, laughing. "I got that from you."