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Uh, oh, Mason Plumlee screwed up

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Okay, which one of the Nets drives a white Maserati? Shaun Livingston does.

We asked because Mason Plumlee has posted an Instagram video of him trying to repair damage to the wheel rim of a white Maserati he had borrowed from a teammate not further described. However, word is it's Livingston.

Plumlee writes, "When your vet let's you borrow the Maserati, don't scratch the rims #wordtothewise"

What's odd about the video is that it shows him trying to fix things with tape and spray paint ... wearing flip flops and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.  We (vaguely) recall that it was a bit warm recently but we wondered if this took place during the summer and he is just now suffering the consequences ... like having to post it on Instagram.

In fact, the incident took place last summer but the variety of alley-oops from Livingston to Plumlee attests that all is well between Plumlee and Livingston.