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Mirza Teletovic: "Jason Kidd ... for sure, the new Gregg Popovich"

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In a Skype interview with a newspaper in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo last weekend, Mirza Teletovic talked about a lot of things, how he will go to Brazil to support Bosnia in the World Cup, how his wife has been a rock in their transition from Europe to the US ... and how he thinks Jason Kidd, who gave him his big chance, will be "the new Gregg Popovich."

Heady stuff but Nets ownership thinks the same way and Teletovic ddin't just tell it to a Serbian newspaper. He told Stefan Bondy, "He’s beginning to be a really, really good coach. I can really feel it.”

In discussing his high profile teammates and head coach, Teletovic made sure readers knew of the respect he has for Kidd. "Jason Kidd will be one of the best coaches, for sure – the new Gregg Popovich." He also talked about Deron Williams, who's been a big supporter of his; Kevin Garnett who "work, works," and how much Paul Pierce remains calm and analyzes things.

And as for his encounter with LeBron James earlier this month, Teletovic told Brze Vijesti he was "not scared" and explains how he sees the basket when taking a three pointer: "I zoom in and shoot."

In his interview with Bondy, Teletovic said Kidd has given him confidence by showing confidence in him.

“(Talking to Jason) is just like talking to you, man," he said. "He’s just comfortable. You can talk to him and he really explains things, like, Listen Mirza, you have to do these things for us and do this. He’ll tell you look, we’re going to draw up a play and you’re going to be right there and you’re going to get the ball and shoot it. You’re like, ok, right. Then you get the ball and you’re wide open and you shoot the ball.

Here's some excerpts... translated by BosniNets Follower....

How did you feel when Lebron went after you, Wasn't it very pleasant to watch such a large guy gets angry ?
- "No, believe me. It was a foul that I've suffered at least twenty times in the NBA . For me it is normal . I was not scared and it's fair to say, two days later I forgot about it. It's funny to me."

What's your progress the last year in America?

"Every day I progress. When you have teammates like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Joe Johson, Deron Williams, it is not easy to earn your place in team … I average best percentage in three-point shooting in 18 minutes on the court. There’s no 'connections' here. It is very simple: you know it or you don't know it."

What can you say about teammates, Garnett, for example?

"Superb. Garnett is a winner, a fighter, he is 38 years old and he just works, works – as he has just from the beginning. Williams, if he has no injuries, is the best point guard in the NBA. Pierce ...a relaxed guy, everything is easy, slow, he says that's most important when you play one on one. He uses instinct perfectly, analyzes things. A real professional. Jason Kidd will be one of the best coaches, for sure – the new Gregg Popovich."

Your three point shot, what’s the secret?

"Hmmm …. How to explain, I can see the basket and it is just like I have zoom, I zoom in and shot. Simply with first shot I measure basket and of course you must have the confidence. In the NBA the ball is a heavier, you can not catch it fine like in Europe but now I’m used to it, so it is ok. Good shoter never admit that he is guilty for miss, they always blame the ball or the basket."