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On list of most followed twitter accounts, one Nets player ... and a surprise

Chris Marion Photography

Hoopshype did an analysis of who NBA players follow on Twitter.  Everyone's list is public so they went through them all, apparently threw them up at a spreadsheet and ranked them.  At the top of the 100 most popular was, no surprise,  And since players follow players, Kevin Durant being second, followed by 180 players, is no surprise either. Nor is LeBron James at No. 4, with 162.

Who's No. 3? Comedian Kevin Hart.  Everyone needs some laughs and in fact there's a large number of entertainers on the list. Two big Nets fans from the entertainment world are on the list, Fabolous is No. 41. Rhianna is 69.  Wale is the most followed hiphop artist at No. 12.  Jay-Z? The former owner, who doesn't tweet a lot, is way down at 75.

Two other pro athletes are high on the list, Floyd Mayweather at  No. 11, just behind President Obama. Michael Vick is 64. Most followed individual reporter? NOT Adrian Wojnarowski, who's at 88, but Chris Broussard, at No. 60. Marc Stein is also ahead of Woj, at No. 69. Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless both make the list. Only one fan, other than the president, we noticed: Spike Lee at No. 53.

Deron Williams was the lone player on the Nets roster to make the cut at 78, and we should note Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez don't have verified Twitter accounts. But way down at No. 84 was the show-stopper: Springfield Armor player Darius Johnson-Odom?  What?  DJO?  He's the only D-League player on the list. Here's one possible answer.  Johnson-Odom is quite open on his account. (So is Tyshawn Taylor, but he's often Sphinx-like.)

And no, we didn't make the list, but we are sure if the list went to 101, you'd find us. LoL. #BigLie