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Billy King: Nets like Marquis Teague's quickness and with open roster spot, chances of using DPE rise

NetsDaily via "The Association"

Mike Mazzeo tweeted out the highlights of Billy King's interview Tuesday with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco, talking about the two trades the Nets completed earlier in the day ... as well as the Nets turnaround.

King said the Nets like Marquis Teague's quickness and now that the team has an open roster (and have saved some money on the luxury tax bill), using the Disabled Player Exception becomes more of a possibility.  He also said Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett "were pretty vocal and said we're not gonna take it anymore."

Here's Mazzeo's tweets...

Team insiders say King was impressed with Teague's defense on Deron Williams in Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs.  As for using the DPE, Nets were pleased they were able to shave $2.4 million off the luxury tax which gives them more flexibility to do a deal without breaking the bank even more.