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Bojan Bogdanovic loses shot, starting spot

Bojan Bogdanovic started the season on a torrid three point shooting stretch, hitting more than 50 percent of his shots early on.  Now, he can't buy one. In the last four games, two each in the Turkish Basketball League and Euroleague, the Nets draft pick has missed 12 straight, going 0-for-3 Friday night in yet another Euroleague loss, this one to Unicaja of Spain. Bogdanovic finished with four points, taking only five shots in 22 minutes off the bench.

Moreover, Bogdanovic has lost his starting job.  Why? Savas Birdal of Euro-Step tells NetsDaily, "He's been struggling lately. Not much luck with his long range game. And Fener lost 3 in a row in the Euroleague. Tough times."

Fener's woes could impact the Nets' chances of getting Bogdanovic next season. He's said he'd like to win something for the Istanbul club, but despite spending a lot of money and hiring Europe's top coach Fener is struggling in both its leagues. Its chances of advancing in the Euroleague grow less likely as it continues to lose and the black and yellow are now tied for third in the TBL, a league they were expected to dominate.